HR Services


Applications will not come even if you issue advertisements! Our company will be in charge of the recruitment posting to document selection. We will introduce people who meet the conditions with a complete success fee type.

Temporary staffing

Do you want a foreigner staff for a certain period? And see the situation first by setting temporary staff before hiring a regular employee? We can quickly arrange talented people for your company.

Recruiting agent

Not enough time to recruit personnel? To some extent, need to adopt a large number of people! We will take care of your company from 0 to the last interview.

Free job posting website

Try to recruit staff with free classifieds announcements! Various support and allows you to provide a variety of paid services!

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20 Years of Experience

Since 1998, we have worked with the Japanese customers who are strict with quality for over 11,000 companies.Strong customer relationships and a high retention rate by a service provider. Based on the wealth of experience, we have developed various tools in-house to improve the efficiency of our workflow.

181 Countries Correspondence

No. 1 in translation business in terms of language variations with a capacity of more than 26,000 translators around the world. Diverse translators who are accurate and flawless to determine the image that you project.

6 Months Quality Assurance

The last step in ensuring that quality assurance in translation is to involve the client review. Clients provide feedback and might ask for improvements. With this inclusive process opens up to 6months period of time, we can ensure the high quality that satisfies customer needs.

ABOUT b-cause

Since our establishment in 1998, b-cause has experience handling over 11,000* corporate clients.

Our clients vary from individual to government, private to public companies.